West Africa

Three countries in West Africa namely Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali currently participate in the region's ITP 309 iterations. Until now, about 200 participants have successfully completed the programme

Downtown Niamey

The West African trainning programme is the only one solely held in the French language. Over 200 professionals have so far participated in the programme from across the region, with diverse backgorunds ranging from governmental, private, academic and research institutions to civil society.

The West Africa ITP Startup and round up seminars are usually held in one of the three participating countries but have also taken place in Benin and Senegal.

ITP WA participants visiting the SMHI forecast centre, 2018
Participants from the 2018 West Africa ITP visiting the SMHI forecast centre. Photo Åsa Johnsen

For more detailed information on the International Training Programme on Climate Change for West Africa, download the programme brochure (in French) here (1.6 MB, pdf)