Summer course on hydrological modelling

SMHI provides pan-European water information based on their hydrological model system, E-HYPE (European HYdrological Predictions for the Environment). During the summer, 20 people from six European countries gathered at SMHI to find out more about the model results.

The course focused on hydrological modelling of continental Europe and the participants learned about the assumptions behind the calculations and how to extract and use the results. It was led by SMHI researchers’ René Capell and Ilias Pechlivanidis. They alternated lectures with practical training; users learned how to alter the model resolution, how to apply local calibration, and how to post-process the output.

Participants at HYPE Summer Course 2014
The course attracted scientists, water managers and consultants from Italy, Greece, France, UK, Estonia and Sweden.

–The attendees now have a greater knowledge about both the model reliability and how to utilise the data from E-HYPE; many will use E-HYPE data in their own applications. At the same time, SMHI have gained new insights into their requirements as end-users, says Berit Arheimer, head of the hydrological research unit at SMHI.

–The HYPE model systems are continuously developed in dialogue with users. We have also had very positive feedback from our new support tools, which is very satisfying, Berit added.

Open source code

The Pan-European hydrological model system (E-HYPE) is based on HYPE (Hydrological Predictions for the Environment) which is an open source code. The model code is available to download, develop, and discuss in an open source community.

Role in EU SWITCH-ON project

The summer course was held as part of the FP7 project SWITCH-ON, which is coordinated by SMHI. The project will demonstrate the great advantages of open data by building a European e-infrastructure for research in a virtual water laboratory, and will also develop 16 commercial products in the form of web services for hydrological forecasts and decision support systems.