SMHI Researchers to participate in major geoscientific conference – EGU 2016

Researchers from around the world will be gathering in Vienna for the annual research conference arranged by the European Geosciences Union (EGU) April 18-22. The conference covers all fields of research concerning the earth, the planets and space. This year the theme is The Active Planet.

SMHI Researchers will be presenting current research in meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and climate.

“EGU makes it possible to interact with other researchers, to discuss the latest research and forge new partnerships,” says Berit Arheimer, researcher in hydrology.

“SMHI is one of few institutions in the world that has grouped the four disciplines meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and climate within the same organisation, which makes us unique and appealing to work with. In hydrology, we are also prominent in large-scale modelling with open data and close cooperation with users from many different sectors of society.”

Invited theme-seminars

Berit Arheimer has been invited by EGU to hold a special seminar based on this year's theme, The Active Planet.

“I'll be talking about water and the fascinating variation in time and space. The world needs water data in order for us to take care of our planet in a better way. There are many topical research questions, including what will happen in a changed climate. We already know a lot about this now, but there are also many uncertainties that we can reduce through the continued research and development of our calculation models.”

Award for outstanding young researchers

At the EGU, Joseph Sedlar, a researcher at SMHI, will receive the EGU’s Award for outstanding young researchers in the field of atmospheric sciences. He is receiving the award for his inspired and creative analyses of Arctic clouds and their impact on the summer surface energy balance of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean and for unselfish contributions during Arctic field work.

Besides oral presentations and poster presentations on research at the conference, SMHI researchers have also participated in the planning of some of the conference sessions.



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