SMHI project Switch-On taken up by the EU as particularly successful

SMHI's project Switch-On was noted by the EU as a particularly successful project at the GEO meeting in Mexico. The project uses open data to create services for water management in Europe, at the same time as it builds up a research infrastructure to promote cooperation between European researchers.

"We are halfway into the project and have already reached our goal of 14 operational information services in the form of web pages and apps. We have also built up a research infrastructure, a virtual water lab where researchers can collaborate and exchange data," says Berit Arheimer, coordinator for the EU project Switch-On.

Project evaluation has good rating

SMHI's poster in the EU stand at the GEO meeting in Mexico.
SMHI's poster in the EU stand at the GEO meeting in Mexico. Enlarge Image

Switch-On has been the subject of an external evaluation during the year. The project was given a good rating.

"We received very positive comments during the hearing that followed the evaluation. They took us up as a "flagship project". We show the benefits of open data in water management and research. It was great to be given such praise, and of course it makes us feel very proud," says Berit Arheimer, "but we also have good partners and a very competent project office at SMHI running the project."

The second half of the project is now underway.  The web services and apps will be developed further, at the same time as business plans to find paying customers and markets for all the services. This is done by the product owners, who are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises.

SMHI has responsibility for two services: WET and eEUTCON.

WET, standing for Water in Europe Today, is a European version of SMHI's service HydroNu (Hydrological Status Now) which shows whether a waterway has higher or lower flow than normal.

eEUTCON is a tool for analysing and planning cost-effective options to improve the quality of the water in waterways to prevent eutrophication.

Taken up at the GEO meeting in Mexico

Switch-On is one of the projects taken up by the EU at the GEO meeting in Mexico as one of its particularly successful projects.

The GEO meeting was started on 11 November 2015 and the Swedish delegation was led by SMHI's Director-General, Rolf Brennerfelt.