Prize to article in Hydrology Research

Researchers at SMHI received the award for the best article in the journal Hydrology Research. The article describes how information from climate simulations can be adapted to develop scenarios for water flow and water balance in a future climate.

The journal "Hydrology Research" is the official journal of the Nordic Association for Hydrology and its counterparts in Britain, Germany and Italy. At the conference "Nordic Water", was the article "Distribution-based scaling to usability improvement of regional climate model projections for hydrological climate change impact studies" was awarded to the best article in the last two years.

The article describes the Distribution-Based Scaling (DBS) method, that SMHI has developed. The method is used to make temperature and precipitation data from climate scenarios suitable for hydrological climate change impact studies.

- By using the processed climate scenarios as input to a hydrological model, we can now calculate the hydrological scenarios of water flows and water balance, explains Jonas Olsson.

Development of software system
The method is currently used at SMHI for both national and international hydrological climate change impact studies.
- Now we are working to developing a complete software system that will both simplify both the use and further development of the method, including possible additional meteorological variables, says Jonas.

FoUh_Pris för artikel
Jörgen Rosberg, Wei Yang and Jonas Olsson are three of the six authors of the article.

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Wei Yang
Jonas Olsson
Jörgen Rosberg