Portal provides easier access to data from climate models

Introducing the climate4impact.eu data portal which is aimed at researchers and other users who work with the impacts of climate change and need access to data from climate modelling. The portal has been developed within the framework of an EU project.

“The portal will provide unified and simplified access to the global scenario databases in which you can find data and supporting documentation from global and regional climate modelling,” says Lars Bärring, researcher in climate at SMHI's Rossby Centre. 

Calculations with climate models are used, among other things, as the basis for the report on climate change that the IPCC compiles and in research on climate impacts.

Contents of the portal

The web portal Climate4Impact.eu
The web portal Climate4Impact.eu Enlarge Image

The climate4impact.eu portal includes results from both global and regional climate projections, including from SMHI's Rossby Centre.

The functions in the portal are developed step by step. When the portal is complete, it will include support for basic calculations, such as statistical downscaling and calibration of the model data to a regional level based on historically observed data, data-processing on demand and calculations from the climate index.

The portal is aimed at researchers, but is also useful for those who work with climate change impacts and adaptations to climate change, for example at a county administrative board or at a consultant, as well as other experts using data on climate change.

The climate4impact.eu portal is part of the European project IS-ENES, Infrastructure Support for the European Network for Earth System Modelling, which is funded by the EU's Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technology.