Display service for climate change - new calculations to explore

In a web-based display service, SMHI is currently launching new imaging for climate change in different parts of the world. The service includes new climate scenarios for Africa, as well as calculations that show how global warming of + 2°C would affect the climate in Europe and Sweden.

Displays of how climate change influences temperature and precipitation in the world are also in the web service. Detailed calculations illustrate how temperature and precipitation are changing in Africa and how several parameters based on temperature, precipitation and winds are changing in Europe and Sweden. Maps of Europe and Sweden show how a global increase of 2°C on average temperatures would affect the climate.

“The display service provides a very clear picture of how the climate will change,” says Gustav Strandberg, a climate scientist at SMHI.

Climate scenarios are produced by the SMHI climate research unit, Rossby Centre. The display service is web-based and is freely available via smhi.se. Anyone who wishes to use the data on which the display service is based can download them from SMHI’s datanodes in ESGF, Earth Systems Grid Federation.

Free display service

Gustav Strandberg
Gustav Strandberg, climate scientist at Rossby Centre, SMHI.

Researchers have used a constellation of nine different global climate models as the starting point for their analyses.

“Coming from so many climate models, this material is unique in the world. The models are consistent and give a clear picture. The more models that indicate the same tendencies, the higher the probability that they will be true,” says Gustav Strandberg.

This scenario service by SMHI has been developed in collaboration with users from the Swedish county administrative boards, but it is widely aimed at all interested parties from decision-makers and planners to researchers, students and the general public.