Sofia Saraiva


Phone: +46 (0)11 495 83 21

Fields of work

I am a marine ecosystem modeller. I enjoy working on connections and interactions of the different processes: physics, biogeochemical, biological, ecological. I am also interested on the biomass exchange between the different groups of organisms, their dependency on the abiotic factors and how changes in environmental conditions (natural or anthropogenically induced) alters the dynamics of the involved properties. As the ecosystem depends on populations, populations on individuals and individuals on the environment and I am thus also interested in linking these levels. I am currently working on building future climate scenarios on the Baltic Sea, using downscaled results from different Global Climate Models.

Research interests

  • Ecosystem dynamics in estuaries and coastal areas
  • Integrated modelling of water quality, marine ecology and biogeochemical cycles of nutrients in the aquatic environment
  • Build and use of modelling tools to support management decisions

Special competences

I am currently working on developing future climate scenarios for the Baltic Sea water quality properties and lower trophic levels, in the framework of the BalticAPP Bonus project. The projections are based on the most recent information available concerning the atmospheric and river projections. I am responsible for the update of the model setup, perform the runs and results analysis.