WP4 Analysis, result extraction and outreach activities

This WP is more of technical and pedagogic character to enable deliverables to stakeholders. This work will be based on the methods used at SMHI in the WFD programme, in which web-based tools are developed, and focus on adaptation to the present dataset and relevant analyses of the user.

Results and deliverables

Urban Water Vision (VIDEO):
This pedagogic 11 minutes video "Urban Water Vision" explains the necessity to downscale climate model output in order to adapt to future intense rainfall over urbanized areas. 

The video has been developed in cooperation with Norrköping Visualization Center C, spring 2011. It was made for the World Water Week 2011 in Stockholm which focused “Water in an Urbanising World”. The original video is made for presentation inside a geodome, this is the flatscreen version.

Geodome shows: The productions “Baltic Vision” and “Urban Water Vision” have been shown several times in a mobile dome theatre for various stakeholder groups, see list below. Both productions were made in cooperation with Norrköping Visualisation Center C and Baltic Vision also with CSPR.


• Swedish political forum: “Almedalsveckan”, Island of Gotland, July 2-4, 2012
• Side event of COP17, Durban, Dec., 2011 (flat screen)
• 13th Baltic Development Forum Summit and the European Commission’s 2nd Annual Forum on the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea region (EUSBSR) in Gdansk, Oct. 24-26, 2011
• World Water Week, Stockholm, Aug. 2011
• BONUS conference, St: Petersburg, Aug. 22-26, 2011
• Swedish political forum: “Almedalsveckan”, Island of Gotland, July 3-8, 2011
• Circe Mare Balticum, Ecologic/BMU, Berlin, June 15-17, 2011
• My Ocean user forum/GMES, Stockholm, April 7-8, 2011
• Baltic Sea Days S:t Petersburg, March 21-23, 2011
• Swedish Ministries of Environment and Rural areas, Stockholm, Nov., 2010
• EU project CIRCLE 2 Workshop, Stockholm, Nov., 2010
• World Water Week, Stockholm, Sept., 2010
• Baltex conference, Wolin Island, Poland, June 2010 

Stakeholder meetings:
Environmental Ministry, Stockholm, March, 29, 2011:
”Effekststudier i klimathydrologi”
F. Wetterhall and B. Arheimer

Climate change and environmental objectives – user seminar, Stockholm, May 21, 2012.
"Hur påverkas Sveriges vatten och närsalttransport till havet av ett ändrat klimat?"
B. Arheimer et al., SMHI