Work Package 4

Economical consequences

The main objective of WP4 is to develop methods and measures for economic assessment of damages related to heavy rainfall. There is not yet an existing method for evaluating these damages for Swedish conditions. Deriving such measures and models will be beneficial both for public and private stakeholders.

The economic tool will visualize and concretize elements at risk. Hence, it will be possible to integrate it in cost-benefit analyses and it can serve as decision-support for decision makers on all levels, especially at municipality level. It will also help residents/inhabitants in their planning- and decision process.

We further intend to derive simplified damage functions (e.g. Messner et al., 2007) for Swedish conditions with focus on heavy rainfall and its forecasting. In order to identify factors that have a significant effect on damages due to rainfall we will analyse empiric data on insurance damages. Exactly which factors to include in the function will be analysed during the project in collaboration with hydrologist and meteorologists.

Since damage costs are spatially dependent, it is of interest to describe not only the economic perspective but also the geographical distribution of the damages. Both economic damages and the distribution can be visualized by GIS-models. 

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