WHIST - World Hydrological Input Set-up Tool

WHIST is our tool to develop and extract information for hydrological models, including Hype Model, from different types of databases. WHIST is the core of the work with each new model set.

Figure1. WHIST user interface

WHIST can be applied in several different ways to develop information for hydrological models out of different types of databases. From the information of topographic databases, for example, we can delineate the sub-basins, and the linking (routing) between them, see figure 2. 

Figure 2. Design and linkage between subbasins in the Rhône basin. Orange area is chosen area. Blue shows the upstream areas, green, downstream, and those leading to the downstream areas appear in yellow. In the image to the right you can see the height of the database in the background.

By adding information from other types of databases, we can also determine the properties of each sub-basin for example, soil characteristics and soil types.

WHIST is developed at SMHI and a flexible tool that can be customized and tailored for different uses.