Webproducts (WMS=Web Map service) have been developed for free downloading of simulated data from the model systems S-HYPE, Balt-HYPE and E-HYPE. It is easy to navigate on the map and choose the areas you are interested in by clicking on them.

VattenWeb (S-HYPE)

VattenWeb (S-HYPE/WaterWeb) give access to water flow simulations (m³ / s), nitrogen transport (kg) and phosphorus transport (kg) on land. The water flow is also calculated with or without updating. The update replaces the model-calculated value with an observed value of the points where the river flow measurement. Both forecasts and hindcasts are available.
Calculations are performed with a daily time step for water quality and quantity. Discharge is available as mean values ​​with a resolution of days, months or years, while water quality is available as accumulated mass per month or year.
For coastal waters are simulated daily depth profiles of temperature (˚ C), salinity (PSU), ammonium (mg / m³), nitrate (mg / m³), total nitrogen (mg / m³), phosphate (mg / m³), total phosphorus (mg / m³), chlorophyll-a (chl mg / m³), oxygen (mg / l) and the reaction time (days). For each coastal basin are also summed runoff from the land available.

Figure 1. VattenWeb deliver modelled data from S-HYPE and the Coastal zone model.


Balt-HypeWeb gives access to simulations of discharge (m3/s), nitrogen transport (kg/day) and phosphorous transport (kg/day) from the initial Balt-HYPE application of the HYPE model.The results are delivered for each river basin in Balt-HypeWeb. River basins are automatically delineated in Balt-HYPE and in some cases may differ somewhat from actual river basin areas. 

Calculations have been made at a daily time-step for water quality and quantity. The data input, modelling and calibration were kept homogenous over the model domain in order to ensure a consistent treatment of the model domain.

The Balt-HYPE application was calibrated against 35 daily river discharge stations and 20 water quality stations, and verified against a further 121 daily discharge stations. Due to the low availability of water quality data, no validation of water quality was carried out. Only hindcast data is available but the development of E-HYPE will also upgrade Balt-HYPE during 2012.

Figure 2. Screenshoots from E-HypeWeb and Balt-Hypeweb.


E-HypeWeb gives access to simulations of discharge (m3/s) from the E-HYPE application of the HYPE model. Calculations have been made at a daily time-step for water quality and quantity; however, results are made available as daily or monthly mean values.

All results presented in this version of E-HYPE web are from an initial, uncalibrated version of the E-HYPE application. Results should therefore be regarded as only preliminary and intended only to demonstrate the data delivery capabilities of this model application. New results are expected towards the end of 2012.