Visualization Technology makes it easier to see and understand very complex things and relationships.

Exciting work is underway to find new ways to visualize and illustrate our often very difficult to grasp research in meetings with other researchers, policy makers, students or the public.

Statistics eXplorer is a tool that can visualize large amounts of data and presentation of multiple and animated charts simultaneously for selected areas, see Figure 1. This tool is used  in the .

Figure 1. An example from Statistics eXplorer.

Videos have been produced in various formats, including format for dome viewing, see Figure 2. The videos have been adapted for both  a small portable geodome, large dome and plain view. The videos have been developed in cooperation with the Norrköping Visualisation Center C.

Figure 2. Portable dome.(Image:Eluminati)

That the geodome viewing is a valued visualization technique was shown when the video "Baltic Vision" won the marine program BONUS communication price"BONUS + Award 2011 for the best public engagement activity or product."

In the spring of 2012,  an agreement was signed for continued cooperation on the visualization by SMHI, Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research (CSPR) and the Visualization Center.