Visualisation in Water and Climate Services

A better view of the future!


Different users interpret information in different ways and therefore the visualisation of data must be tailored to suit their knowledge and needs. SMHI distributes water related information for many different purposes. Large volumes of data are produced that are valuable to e.g. policy makers, water managers, scientists and the public. This information have to be visualised for an efficient user uptake. However, visualised information alone is not enough for the majority of the users. Expert guidance, details on confidences, analysis of trends and patterns etc. are needed for the users to embrace the results and use it as support in their decision-making.

We provide visualised information through different portals, e.g. and These portals are developed in an agile approach that incorporates user feedback at an early stage which leads to more useful products.

Development focus

  • User friendly presentations of forecasts, seasonal forecasts and climate impacts in maps and graphs for users with different levels of expertise.

  • Visualisation of uncertainty and skill for improved support in decision-making.

  • User guidance that is tightly incorporated in the user interface for an improved user uptake.
  • Model performance presentations.