Time plan and deliverables

The time plan and key deliverables are outlined in Table 2.

The first year focuses on data bases, forecast evaluation and damage functions.

In the middle of year two, a first set of primary forecasts will be developed. Forecasts representing the output from this system will be delivered to the case studies, which will carry out a first round of tests in the second half of year two.

During year two and first half of year three, tools for post-processing will be developed and the primary forecasts updated based on feedback from the case studies.

In the middle of year three, a second set of case-study forecasts will be delivered to the case studies, representing also the post-processing functionality. A second round of case-study tests will take place during the second half of year three.

During year three, the final damage functions will be constructed and the economic tool developed. Based on feedback from the second test round, a final update of the forecasting methodology is foreseen in the first half of year four.

Final versions of the developed methods and tools are expected to be completed by the middle of year four in order to have sufficient time for reporting and solving possible technical issues until the end of year four.

MSB timetable