Seminar on meteorological data and large-scale hydrological modelling

SMHI and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science invite to a seminar on meteorological data and large-scale hydrological modelling.

SMHI is more and more working with hydrological modelling over regional or continental scales, which puts great demand on the meteorological input data (temperature, precipitation, etc.) both with respect to their quality and their resolution and time and space. Regions modelled so far include Baltic Sea, Europe, Arctic and major rivers in Africa and South America. The number of activities in Asia is increasing; modelling of India is on-going and future projects in Himalaya and China are being planned.

An important aspect in large-scale hydrological modelling is the coupling between atmosphere and land surface. Usually atmospheric and hydrological modelling is performed separately with only simplified coupling, but development towards coupled modelling with descriptions of exchanges and feedbacks is taking place within research. This makes it possible to better describe energy and water balances as well as dependent systems, for example vegetation and ecology. At SMHI, development and test of coupled modelling is planned in several future projects.

At this seminar, the development of the meteorological data base APHRODITE for Asia will be presented by Prof. Akiyo Yatagai, Kyoto University, who was in charge of this development.

Further, Prof. Linus Zhang, Lund University, will talk about Land Information Systems (LIS) for high-resolution land-surface modelling with applications in China.

Two talks about on-going work at SMHI will be included; Dr. Heiner Körnich will show results from evaluation of large-scale meteorological data bases and Dr. Jonas Olsson will present work related to hydrological climate projections for India.

The seminar is an activity seminar within JSPS Sweden Alumni Club.

Programme: Meteorological data and large-scale hydrological modelling

Coffee in the SMHI reception

Welcome to JSPS seminar ”Meteorological data for large-scale hydrological modelling”
Drs. Pontus Matstoms, Jonas Olsson

Development of the APHRODITE data base
Prof. Akiyo Yatagai, Kyoto University, Japan

Evaluation of large-scale precipitation data bases
Dr. Heiner Körnich, SMHI

Hydrological climate scenario modeling in India
Dr. Jonas Olsson, SMHI

Short Break

Address by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Prof. Yoshiaki Fujii, JSPS, Stockholm

Land Information System (LIS): introduction and first application in Hexi Region, China
Prof. Linus Zhang, Lund University, Sweden