North Hydrology

River and lake ice processes

North Hydrology is an international research project involving several organizations, institutes and research groups from countries where lake and river ice have a major impact on the hydrology. The overall goal of the North Hydrology project is to support the international efforts to exploit the use of Earth Observation technology, models and in situ data to improve the characterization of river and lake ice processes and their contribution to the Northern Hydrology system.

Duration: July 2010 – July 2012

Funded by: European Space Agency (ESA)

Responsible at SMHI Hydrology Research: Lars Marklund

External Partners: University of Waterloo (Canada), Environment Canada (Canada), ENVEO IT GmbH (Austria), Finnish Environment Institute (Finland), Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland), INRS – Centre Eau Terre Environnement (Canada), Northern Research Institute Tromsø (Norway), Norsk Regnesentral (Norway).