SWEdish research programme on Climate, Impacts and Adaptation

SWECIA is the acronym for SWEdish research programme on Climate, Impacts and Adaptation. It extends and transcends state-of-the-art disciplinary research on climate science, biology/ecology, economics, and social sciences.

The overarching aim is to create a capacity for advanced analysis and consistent assessment of climate, economy and impacts. Global and regional models of climate, economy and impacts are the main tool, together with data on natural and human processes and systems.

The application of this capacity involves also a strong line of research on the adaptation process itself, focusing on learning from experience, putting new knowledge into use, identifying bottlenecks and opportunities.

The programme scope is global, with focus on regional and local scales in the Nordic region. Climate, impacts, economy and adaptation are considered on and across all these scales, including couplings and feed back. Indeed, Mistra SWECIA forges a new interdisciplinary approach. This will serve as a stepping stone for improved and useful understanding and handling of the systems, processes and issues at hand.
The work of the hydrological research unit is focused on downscaling future rainfall scenarios to local scales and apply the downscaled data in urban hydrological modelling.

Duration: 2008-2011

Funded by: Mistra

Responsible at hydrology research: Jonas Olsson

External partners: Stockholm University, Lund University, Stockholm Environment Institute

Web site: http://www.mistra-swecia.se/

* Olsson, J., Willén, U., and A. Kawamura (2011) Downscaling extreme Regional Climate Model (RCM) precipitation for urban hydrological applications, Hydrol. Res., in press.
* Olsson, J., Dahné, J., German, J., Westergren, B., von Scherling, M., Kjellson, L., Ohls, F., and A. Olsson (2010) En studie av framtida belastning på Stockholms huvudavloppsnät, SMHI Reports Climatology No 3, SMHI, SE-601 76 Norrköping, 42 pp.(in swedish).