La Plata Basin-HYPE

The HYPE model has been set up for the La Plata Basin. This Basin is the world's fifth largest river basin and include some of the largest and most important wetlands on the earth.

About the project - CLARIS

Two of South America’s most important rivers flow into the La Plata Bay, Parana River and the Uruguay River, see Figure 1. The aim of this project (EU FP 7 CLARIS) was to calculate how much climate changes will affect the La Plata Basin which is transnational and involves five countries.

About the area and model

La Plata Basin is the world’s fifth largest river basin and extends over five countries, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The area is important from an agricultural perspective and also include some of the world’s largest and most ecologically important wetlands.

The La Plata Basin is facing major challenges with an increasing population and the impacts of climate change which may affect the area’s water resources and ecology significantly.

In order to better determine the impact of climate change to the hydrology of the area simulations with two hydrological models are performed with two hydrological models of which one is the HYPE model.

The calcuations will be used for adapting future plans and management of land use, agricultural, society, hydropower, river transport, water resources and ecological systems in the area.

Table 1. Facts about LPB-HYPE

Facts about LPB-HYPE