Analysis, result extraction and outreach activities

Contributors: SMHI Hydrology Research (FoUh), Rossby Centre (SMHI), Lund University, Luleå University of Technology


This WP is more of technical and pedagogic character to enable deliverables to stakeholders. This work will be based on the methods used at SMHI in the WFD programme, in which web-based tools are developed, and focus on adaptation to the present dataset and relevant analyses of the user.

Tasks and deliverables:

4.1. Methods for downscaling of climate signal to more detailed climate scenarios to the more initiated end-user. Guide-lines on which method/data to be used in different applications.

Databases with free access to climate and hydrological variables with high resolution in time and space for present and future climate, covering Sweden and Europe.

4.3. Illustrations and pedagodic pre-views of key results, uncertainties and comparisons between different impacts. Adaptation of a visualisation tool linked to the databases, for users to navigate and explore the model results of climate change.

Interactions through workshops and possibly reference group meetings with (1) Swedish end-users (water authorities at various levels) for final design of tools and databases and (2) policy makers and international stake-holders to promote links to relevant international databases.


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