Regional climate modelling

Contributors: Rossby Centre (SMHI)


This work package is directed towards dynamical downscaling of GCM data and the provision of detailed regional climate simulations in support of the hydrological assessment activities described in this project.

  • We will expand the set of RCA climate scenarios by increasing the resolution of the RCA model to 12.5 km, encompassing the entire European continent. For targeted areas a double-nesting approach will be used to deliver climate scenarios at ~5km local resolution.
  • During the lifetime of this project new GCM climate scenarios will become available through the CMIP5 programme. The Rossby Centre will contribute climate scenarios to CMIP5 using the new GCM, EC-Earth, which will also be downscaled to 25 km and 12.5 km, along with a selection of other CMIP5 GCM scenarios.
  • The Rossby Centre is presently developing a new generation Regional Climate Model, targeted for application at very high resolution (2-4km). This model, HARMONIE, will be used in a double-nesting RCM mode, in order to deliver climate simulations over selected regions, at 2-3km resolution.

Tasks and deliverables:

1.1 Provide a set of RCM simulations using the Rossby Centre regional climate model (RCA) for the recent observed past, at resolutions ranging from 50km to 5km, covering the European continent.

1.2 Provide a range of RCM climate scenarios for the period 1950-2100 over Europe.

1.3 Targeted RCM scenarios at 2-5km resolution over key catchment basins or urban regions, using a double-nesting approach.


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