The objective of FoUHs involvement in this project is to develop a model system for simulating river runoff and nutrient fluxes into the Baltic Sea, including simulating the effects of climate change and remedial measures on these variables. This will be done on a daily time-scale and at a high spatial resolution. Results produced by this project will be used in biogeochemical ocean models.

The newly developed HYPE model will be used together with readily available global and European databases of land-use, soil types, runoff and nutrient data and topography to produce this pan-Baltic catchment model called BALT-HYPE. Although the results of this project are intended for use in oceanographic studies, the model will be set up to deliver simulation results for runoff and nutrient flows at any location within the Baltic Sea catchment area.

Period: 2009

Financing: BONUS

Responsible: Chantal Donnelly

Partner(s): ECOSUPPORT co-ordinator : Markus Meier FouO, in co-operation with BNI.