Geospatial products on the seasonal snow cover, glaciers and lake/river ice.

CryoLand will be a service to provide geospatial products on the seasonal snow cover (snow extent, snow mass, melt state), glaciers (area, snow / ice extent, ice velocities, glacier dammed lakes), and lake / river ice (extent, temporal variations, snow burden). The products will be derived from Earth observation satellite data in response to user needs. Snow and ice products at near-real time delivery will be supplied with pan-European coverage, as well as with national and regional coverage in Europe and on other continents as required by the users.

Duration: April 2011 – April 2015

Funded by: European Commission, Space Research and Development

Responsible at SMHI: Lars Marklund

External partners: EOX IT Services GmbH (Austria), ENVEO IT GmbH (Austria), Finnish Environment Institute (Finland), Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland), Kongsberg Satellite Services AS (Norway), Northern Research Institute Tromsø (Norway), Norsk Regnesentral (Norway), Administratia Nationala De Meteorologie R.A. (Romania), Gamma Remote Sensing Research and Consulting AG (Switzerland