Communication and dissemination

A close communication between researchers and end-users is central to the project and a pre-requisite for a successful outcome and of the project. To ensure this, a reference group will be used, comprising representative experts from e.g. MSB, the Centre for Natural Disaster Science (CNDS), SMHI and a range of potential end-users of the forecasts.

The project will also establish close collaboration with the CNDS graduate school SENDIM. From an international perspective, the project will cooperate with Trond Iversen (MetNO, GLAMEPS-project), Florian Pappenberger and Fredrik Wetterhall from ECMWF.

Also planned are seminars, e.g. in connection with reference group meetings, and a workshop to reach out to a wider group of users and the public. The workshop is envisioned at the end of the project, including a demonstration of the final products and tools, and a complete dissemination of the results from the case studies. If possible, we also attempt to evaluate the forecasts in near-real-time in connection with major events occurring during the project period and report the results though web sites, social media, etc.

In addition to the final and other project reports, the results will be presented through scientific papers, international conference papers, and in more practical and popular science-oriented contexts.