Ralf Döscher

PhD, Head of global climate modelling

Ralf Döscher

Phone +46 11-495 85 83
Email: firstname.lastname@smhi.se

Fields of work

  • Responsible for Global modelling activities and model development
  • Chair of the Steering Committee of EC-Earth
  • Coordinator of European contributions to the CMIP6 ScenarioMIP in the EU-CRESCENDO project.
  • SMHI representative in the MERGE SG
  • Swedish representative in ECRA (European Climate Research Initiative)

Research Interests

  • Climate change scenarios
  • Climate predictability
  • Arctic climate change
  • Coupling and interaction between atmosphere, ocean and sea ice
  • Earth System modelling

Special competences

Arctic climate processes related to sea ice change, development of coupled climate models, SMHI PI in several past (e.g. ADSIMNOR, DAMOCLES) and ongoing projects (e.g. CRESCENDO, CLIMATEUROPE).