Tellus RCA(O) Special Issue – List of articles

In late December 2010 the journal Tellus A will publish a Special Issue (vol 63A, no 1, 2011) on the Rossby Centre regional atmosphere/coupled atmosphere-ocean model RCA(O). The Special Issue contains articles on results from, and performance of, the model. Below is a list of the articles which already now can be read online at the Wiley Online Library.

  • A. Sörensson and C. Menéndez: Summer soil-precipitation coupling in South America
  • J. Klingberg et al.: Ozone risk for vegetation in the future climate of Europe based on stomatal ozone uptake calculations
  • T. Koenigk et al.: Arctic future scenario experiments with a coupled regional climate model
  • J. Olsson et al.: Using an ensemble of climate projections for simulating climate projections recent and near-future hydrological change to lake Vänern in Sweden
  • G. Nikulin et al.: Evaluation and Future Projections of Temperature, Precipitation and Wind Extremes over Europe in an Ensemble of Regional Climate Simulations
  • E. Kjellström et al.: 21st century changes in the European climate: uncertainties derived from an ensemble of regional climate model simulations
  • L. Andersson et al.: Assessment of climate change impact on water resources in the Pungwe river basin
  • G. Strandberg et al.: High resolution regional simulation of last glacial maximum climate in Europe
  • A. M. Jönsson and L. Bärring: Future climate impact on spruce bark beetle life-cycle in relation to uncertainties in regional climate model data ensembles
  • P. Samuelsson et al.: The Rossby Centre Regional Climate Model RCA3: Model description and performance
  • B. Smith et al.: A model of the coupled dynamics of climate, vegetation and terrestrial ecosystem biogeochemistry for regional applications