Rossby Centre Day 2013: From data to decisions.....

On Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th May 2013 representatives of the Rossby Centre, SMHI, the impacts and risk assessment community and relevant stakeholders came together for the annual Rossby Centre Day at SMHI in Norrköping.

Under the title 'From data to decisions....' the aim of the meeting was to improve the communication between these three communities to allow for more effective collaboration and ultimately more informed decisions on climate change mitigation and adaptation across the Nordic and Baltic regions.

"For us, the Rossby Centre Day is a great way to continue to have contact with the climate impact researchers" says Colin Jones, Head of the Rossby Centre. "Together we can create new opportunities for cooperation and collaboration."

The first day opened with two international guests. Chris Jones from the Hadley Centre at the UK Met Office and Daniela Jacob of the Climate Services Centre in Germany. Presentations from members of the Rossby Centre followed highlighting a number of the ongoing activities within the group. The day finished with an interactive discussion.

The second day focused on those using climate data and provided an excellent insight for the climate data providers at the Rossby Centre and SMHI as to the real needs of this community.

Colin Jones summarised that "We want to produce useful material, so for us it is important to get feedback, so that what we produce is useful. When we are in contact with the users and see how they use the data for research on the impact of climate change on forestry or health it becomes clearer what is required. They need data to generate information that is ultimately useful to society."

In a final discussion all participants agreed that closer cooperation between the climate data providers and the users was vital and indeed the seeds of more concrete future collaboration were sown.

All presentations are available for download on the right of this page.

RC Day 2013 Johan Bergh