ADSIMNOR: Links with related projects

This project is integrated with national and international efforts. We build on the outcome of previous projects and benefit from existing networks provided by interlinking. We aim at providing and developing our knowledge within our respective core areas while integrating climate modeling and stake holder interaction.

The global simulations carried out in this project build on the work of the international EC-Earth consortium (with KNMI, SMHI, Lund University, Stockholm University and ECMWF as active partners).

Model development in the Arctic benefits from previous work in International Polar Year (IPY) projects such as DAMOCLES (EU-funded, focusing on the fate of Arctic sea ice, modeling coordinated by SMHI/RC) and from upcoming projects such as COMBINE (EU-funded, focus on Earth System Modeling). SEARCH FOR DAMOCLES (S4D, modelling coordinated by SMHI/RC) facilitates a link to US-Arctic modeling and impact community. Important observations are provided by ASCOS (on Arctic Clouds, coordinated by MISU).

A direct link will be made with the new Swedish Space Agency project “Utilization of Advanced Satellite and In situ Observations in Support of Arctic Climate Modeling” (coordinated by SMHI). Our regional modeling activities are embedded within ongoing and upcoming intercomparion projects (AOMIP, CARCMIP).

In the field of hydrological modeling, we collaborate with UQAM/Canada to obtain updated runoff data. Our work with the stakeholder community is linked via the project “Climate change, impacts and adaptation in the sub Arctic: a case study of the northern Swedish mountains”(coordinated by ASRS).