Research within weather satellite

The remote sensing group works on several projects related to cloud products derived from satellite measurements on short (nowcasting) and long (climate) time scales.

Cloud analysis for short time scales

Cloud Type 20081006 0445utc
Example on our product Cloud Type (CMa)

In one of the projects we are responsible for the development and maintenance of software algorithms to extract cloud information from the current Metop and NOAA satellites. In the future also data from the NPP/NPOESS program. The result, or the products, are an important source of information for example forecasters but also for automatic analysis tools as the SMHI developed MESAN (mesoscale analysis).

Automatic cloud analysis - the Nowcasting SAF project

Cloud analysis on long time scales

TThe research group is involved in several national and international
projects where long time series of satellite measurements are used to
build cloud climate data records of cloud climatologies. Several
projects further investigate aspects of clouds over longer time scales.