About us, research within meteorological analysis and prediction

The resarch group in meteorological analysis and forecasting, is mainly focusing on the development and improvement of our numerical weather forecasting system.

For further information about the different research subjects (links in Swedish):

Group leader 

Heiner Körnich Heiner.Kornich@smhi.se

Data assimilation

Nils Gustafsson 


Magnus Lindskog Magnus.Lindskog@smhi.se


Lisa BengtssonClouds Lisa.Bengtsson@smhi.se
Patrick SamuelssonSurface processesPatrick.Samuelsson@smhi.se

Mesoscale modelling, parameterization

Björn Stensen Bjorn.Stensen@smhi.se

Mesoscale modelling, coding efficiency

Ulf Andrae Ulf.Andrae@smhi.se


Esbjörn OlssonRoads, airportsEsbjorn.Olsson@smhi.se
Martin RidalRadar/modelMartin.Ridal@smhi.se

Data analysis, reanalysis, Arctics, Tropics, ECMWF

Per Kållberg Per.Kallberg@smhi.se

Ensemble forecasts

Åke Johansson Ake.Johansson@smhi.se

Statistical interpretation

Per Undén Per.Unden@smhi.se

Scientific programming 

Sèbastien Villaume Sebastien.Villaume@smhi.se