SMHI’s Scientific Advisory Committee

SMHI's Scientific Advisory Committee shall provide strategic support for long-term development of SMHI’s research, ensure relevance and promote scientific excellence.

The scientific advisory committee is composed of members from government agencies, universities and colleges. All members are associated with research in climate and the environment. It is led by the Research Director at SMHI.

The members are:

  • Georgia Destouni, Swedish Research Council Formas
  • Erland Källén, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts ECMWF
  • Kevin Noone, University of Stockholm
  • Anna Rutgersson, Uppsala University
  • Per Sundström, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
  • Eva Thörnelöf, Swedish Environment Protection Agency
  • Jessica Umegård, Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems VINNOVA
  • Anders Ynnerman, Linköping University
SMHIs vetenskapliga råd 2014
The first meeting of SMHI’s Scientific Advisory Committee, 2014. Standing from the left: Per Sundström, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Kevin Noone, University of Stockholm, Erland Källén, ECMWF, Eva Thörnelöf, Swedish Environment Protection Agency, Jessica Umegård, VINNOVA, Anders Ynnerman, Linköping University, Pontus Matstoms, SMHI, Anna Rutgersson, Uppsala University. Georgia Destouni, Formas is missing from the photograph.