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Climate impact atlas for climate change in Africa to be realized

Researchers are now starting to create a climate impact atlas for Africa. This will show some effects of a changed climate. The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) will be providing expert support as the climate impact atlas is developed by researchers in Africa.

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SMHIs forecast valuable input when building new tunnel under the Göta Älv River.

The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for the development of the infrastructure in Gothenburg where the Marieholm tunnel is a critical component. On behalf of the construction company Züblin Scandinavia, SMHI has provided forecasts for weather and water levels in the Göta Älv River …

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CRESCENDO is supporting policy makers on routes to realizing the 2015 Paris Agreement

Scientists from the EU project CRESCENDO met EU decision-makers to raise awareness about the challenges and benefits of realizing the Paris Agreement.

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International conference on development of climate services as decision support tools

The fifth international conference on climate services has just been summarized. The conference highlighted several important questions in the developing area around climate services, i.e. decision support from climate information useful for stakeholders in society.

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Botswana DWA joins the HYPE community

SMHI’s open source, free of charge and transparent hydrological model for the environment HYPE is being used extensively in Europe and internationally for both research and operational hydrology. The latest addition to the HYPE community is Botswana.

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