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Measuring wind with the Aeolus research satellite

Understanding the wind in the atmosphere is very important for both weather forecasts and climate models. In August 2018 the satellite Aeolus was therefore launched to test a completely new way of measuring winds over the entire world using a very sophisticated Doppler wind lidar instrument. The …

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Earlier spring peak of ground level ozone positive for vegetation

Changes in levels of ground level ozone have been analysed by researchers in a multi-year research programme. They can now ascertain that there is a trend towards a narrower overlap between the year’s maximal level of ground level ozone and the early growth period, which is positive.

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New research gives an indication of the amount of summer precipitation in Northern Europe

Researchers at SMHI have found a teleconnection between the atmospheric conditions over the subtropical Pacific during spring and summer precipitation in the Northern Europe. This discovery creates the prerequisite for a simple, yet relatively accurate, estimate of summer precipitation several …

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Forecasts of river ice break-up for the Lena River unexpectedly accurate on the first attempt

SMHI’s hydrological model seems to have accurately predicted the ice break-up for the Lena River at Yakutsk in eastern Siberia – on the first attempt. The forecasting is made as part of a new project, where researchers from SMHI, together with partners from Russia, Japan and local …

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North pole soon to be ice free in summer

The Arctic Ocean in summer will very likely be ice free before 2050, at least temporally. The efficacy of climate-protection measures will determine how often and for how long. These are the results of a new research study involving 21 research institutes from around the world, coordinated by Dirk …

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