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SMHI's climate statistics - a basis for Carlsberg's beer export

The Danish brewery giant Carlsberg has commissioned SMHI to produce statistics on observed temperature and humidity. Statistics covering the entire world will provide the beer producer with important decision support for planning their transports in the international market.

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New satellite contributes Arctic weather data

A new Swedish-led satellite for improving coverage of the Arctic has gained support from enough countries within the European Space Agency (ESA) to receive budgetary approval. Work can now progress on building an initial prototype version of the Arctic Weather Satellite, a polar satellite with …

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Ten years of international collaboration on open source code

The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) and SMHI began working together on open source code for processing satellite data ten years ago. Today, this collaboration – Pytroll – involves more than one hundred experts and developers from around fifteen different countries, and the software has grown …

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New climate service: The Climate Adaptation Game

The Climate Adaptation Game is now available to play for free at SMHI’s webpage. The game aims at developing better understanding of the effects of climate change, and how to meet the challenges it brings. The game can be used in education for sustainable development, or in various contexts …

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Forests reduce cyclone intensity and precipitation extremes over Europe

A study by researchers från Rossby Centre at SMHI shows that major afforestation in Europe has the potential to reduce the number of extra-tropical cyclones by up to 80 percent. This would result in a considerable reduction of precipitation extremes in winter, while Southern and Eastern Europe …

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