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Cooperation is a must for adaptation to and mitigation of climate change

The consequences of this summer’s weather have included droughts, heatwaves and wildfires, straining the society’s capacity to cope with such perils. Most of the Nordic and Baltic countries have experienced the hottest summer on record, while the number of days with rain in parts of Iceland was …

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A bilateral project between Sweden and Brazil will improve knowledge about heat in cities

In a new bilateral project between Sweden and Brazil, researchers and experts will share knowledge about heat in cities. Contact has been made with the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, where they will map the urban climate in order to see how heat is distributed in the city and find the city’s cool …

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SMHI develops European operational climate service for the water sector

In stiff competition with other major European institutes, SMHI has signed a contract with the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) to develop an operational climate service for the water sector in Europe. The development is being conducted within Copernicus, the European …

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SMHI expands European archive of climate simulations

Together with eight subcontractors, SMHI will expand Copernicus’ archive of detailed regional climate simulations for Europe. This will allow for comparisons of how different emission levels affect climate change.

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Heatwave in May 2018: “It was unusually warm; exceptional, even”

How unusual is it that the May weather is as hot as it was this year in Sweden? Will this become commonplace in a changed climate? At SMHI, researchers and climatologists have analysed weather statistics and concluded that it was uncommonly warm and that it represented a record high which could …

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