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Heatwave in May 2018: “It was unusually warm; exceptional, even”

How unusual is it that the May weather is as hot as it was this year in Sweden? Will this become commonplace in a changed climate? At SMHI, researchers and climatologists have analysed weather statistics and concluded that it was uncommonly warm and that it represented a record high which could …

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Collaboration increases knowledge of climate modelling in South America

Regional climate modelling is a key element in laying the groundwork for decisions on matters where climate change affects society. To expand local knowledge of regional climate modelling, the CORDEX network is currently arranging workshops for regional climate modelling with the aim of increasing …

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Another international climate educational session successfully concluded

In the beginning of June, twenty-two decision-makers from Eastern Africa conclude the Sweden segment of their participation in the “Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation” educational program at SMHI in Norrköping. In total, approximately 330 individuals from nine countries across three …

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Helén Andersson is the new head of SMHI research

Helén Andersson has been appointed new head of the SMHI research department. Helén Andersson is PhD in oceanography and has a long experience as researcher, both from SMHI and University of Gothenburg.

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Capacity building provides climate information for Africa

Six scientific papers are to be included in the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C. This is a result of collaboration between researchers mainly from Sweden and Africa, with support from the CORDEX network. The collaboration has also strengthened the African climate science community, …

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