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SMHI helps to determine phytoplankton species in the seas around Sweden

SMHI will be working together with Umeå University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology on a three-year project to evaluate high quality sequencing, or DNA barcoding, as a technique for quickly and reliably determining phytoplankton species in water samples. The project will study diversity, with …

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SMHI researcher elected President of IAHS

SMHI’s highly qualified hydrology researcher Berit Arheimer has been named the new President of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) during the General Assembly in Montreal, Canada in July 2019. She was elected by large majority of the 48 voting countries.

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New global climate calculations show faster warming

New calculations of how the world’s climate is changing confirm that the volume of greenhouse gas emissions makes a difference. They also show that warming is taking place at a faster rate than suggested by previous calculations. SMHI has now carried out the first calculations using the new version …

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Researchers describe the development of the EC-Earth global climate model

Research and development carried out in recent years has resulted in a new version of the EC-Earth climate model to carry out new calculations of how the climate is changing. Here, some of SMHI’s researchers explain how the model has been developed to answer new research questions and provide more …

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Report compiles knowledge about climate extremes in Sweden

Researchers have compiled existing knowledge about extreme weather events in Sweden, noting an increase in the number of extreme heatwaves in recent decades. A changing climate is expected to bring a rise in extreme weather events, so it is important to learn more about them.

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