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SMHI participates in creating flood forecasting and alert system for West Africa

In February 2020, SMHI led a five-day workshop in Abuja, Nigeria, within the FANFAR project. Together with counterparts from seventeen West African countries, a co-designed flood forecasting and alert system is now being tested operationally.

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Including a climate perspective in Swedish marine planning

How the climate affects the sea is an important aspect of sustainable marine planning. The latest calculations of how a changed climate may affect the Baltic Sea and the North Sea will be incorporated into Sweden’s current marine planning.

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SMHI hosted climate course for key people from southern Africa

During end of 2019, SMHI held a three week course about climate; International Training Program (ITP), on site in Norrköping. 

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Report brings knowledge on green infrastructure in Nordic cities

Green spaces, parks and planting can help to create healthy cities that are sustainable in the long term. SMHI has worked with the City of Stockholm to create a knowledge base on green infrastructure. The report brings together knowledge and experience of using green infrastructure in climate …

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Changing conditions for plants in mountain chains

Will a changed climate and increased air pollution threaten the sensitive ecosystems of mountain chains? Are there also other threats, such as a greater risk of fires? These questions will be addressed by researchers in a project coordinated by SMHI.

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