SMHI at E-world 2009

Products presented by SMHI at E-world 2009. For more information or requests about products, please contact:

Henrik Sjöblom
Telephone: +46 11 495 85 06

Ingrid Nenkert
Telephone: +46 11 495 80 85

SMHI Energy have a product structure to meet customer requirements. This product structure aims to be outstanding in finding the right product for every type of customer demand.

SMHI Edge™
The fastest and most reliable way to give your traders access to key weather parameters. Data can be provided for any area and will be delivered as an integrated set-up into your line-of-business applications.


SMHI Added™
Includes adapted products with added value based on SMHI developed models, data bases and/or edited by our meteorologists.

SMHI Added

SMHI Content™
Weather data as forecasts, climate parameters and historical data delivered directly to you as files, web applications or other setups from reliable weather data sources.

SMHI Content