International Training Programmes

The advanced international training programme on Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation (ITP 309) is sponsored by Sida and designed for decision makers in developing countries who hold positions in their home organisations with mandate to initiate change on local to national level. Participants access the latest research and development in their areas of work, supervised by skilled Swedish colleagues and experts, develop a network of colleagues from other countries and enhance knowledge in new working methods.

Our climate is changing due to human activities causing pervasive impacts on the environment and posing severe risks for society. Although both awareness and insight in the importance of mitigation and adaptation have increased significantly the last years the need to further boost comprehension and experience is apparent.

The Advanced International Training Programme on “Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation” (ITP 309) aims at combating negative impacts of climate change on vulnerable people’s livelihood by increasing knowledge, strengthening institutions and developing capacity related to climate change. This will be achieved through supporting processes of change in organisations responsible for taking national strategies and policies into action on national, district or local level.

Participants will access the latest research and development in their areas of work, be supervised by skilled colleagues and experts both in their home countries and in Sweden, develop a network of colleagues from other countries and enhance knowledge in new working methods.

The programme focuses on how to integrate available climate information in a holistic way to facilitate sustainable adaptation measures, and therefore places great emphasis on the end-users of climate information, as well as on technical and hands-on content.

Hear the interviews with SMHI's project manager Birgitta Farrington and ITP participants Rejoyce Moyo and Musonda Ng'onga.

Programme regions

The ongoing training programmes on climate change (ITP 309) are directed towards participants coming from organisations in East, West and Southern African regions. More information on each region can be found below.

Eastern and Southern Africa Information on new training opportunities to be announced.

West Africa

ITP 309 participating countries
ITP 309 regions and participating countries

Programme structure

The objectives and structure of the training programme require a strong involvement and commitment by the participating organisations. The programme is based on the assumption that the organisations wish to carry out change and are willing to invest their own resources in the process.

The duration of the training is 10-12 months divided into five compulsory phases, out of which five weeks are full time scheduled courses/seminars in Sweden and in the participant’s home region. An important part of the training is the Change Project which the participant carries out from home with local facilitator support.


The training programme is financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). All training costs pertaining to lectures, literature, documentation, study tours and certain social activities as well as accommodation and food will be covered by the organizer as well as all international travel costs to the scheduled sessions. Costs for personal expenses are not included and is the responsibility of the participant or his/her organisation.

How to apply

For more information on currently announced programmes, visit the Climate Change mitigation and adaptation training page