International Training Programmes

Climate change is one of the most complex and challenging issues facing the world today. Climate change brings changing weather patterns and increases extreme weather events. People in poor countries are the most vulnerable. The best way to minimise the negative effects of climate change is to be prepared. This involves many dimensions science, economics, society, politics, and ethical questions at global, regional and local scales.

To help the public, policy-, and decision-makers, scientists and planners in developing to prepare and plan for the effects of climate change, SMHI is offering international training programmes aimed at strengthening climate change resilience. The programmes build on the latest climate research and show cases climate smart developments in Sweden as inspiration. Participants learn to access, analyse, and communicate the latest climate research, and to use their knowledge in planning and decision-making to contribute to cost-effective climate change adaptation, mitigation and climate related disaster risk reduction under the supervision and support of meteorology, hydrology and climate experts at SMHI.

The Sida financed Advanced International Training Programme on “Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation” (ITP 309) ran from 2015- 2022, aimed at strengthening climate change capacity in institutions and organisations in 15 African countries. The programmes included three seminars  and design and implementation of a so called change project over 10-12 months.

Hear the interviews with SMHI's project manager Birgitta Farrington and ITP participants Rejoyce Moyo and Musonda Ng'onga and read about the programmes here;Eastern and Southern Africa   West Africa
And check out selected Change Project Case Studies in English and French and get inspired by how African countries are dealing with climate change effects on Agriculture, Water, Climate and Other sectors,  or listen to three former ITP participants and hear how their change projects have helped their countries to become more climate smart.

The ITP is now closed, but will be followed by other training programmes in the future, see below.

ITP 309 participating countries
ITP 309 regions and participating countries
Hear the interviews with SMHI's project manager Birgitta Farrington and ITP participants Rejoyce Moyo and Musonda Ng'onga.

Climate change Resilience Development for Africa (CRDF4Africa) is a new climate capacity building initiative funded by Sida and implemented by SMHI. The Inception phase starts in 2023 and the programme, which includes down-scaling of regional climate scenarios (CMIP6) for the whole African continent, Cordex Training of Trainers and climate scenario use capacity building for Disaster Risk Reduction, Food Security, Water Security, Green Energy planning etc. is scheduled to start in 2024. More information on the different training modules will follow.

ITP alumni from Burkina Faso tells us how their ITP projects are contributing to climate resilience. Listen to Fatimata, Sankara and Sodre when they tell you about their ITP projects and the impact they have had.