Job opportunities

SMHI's operations are constantly evolving and our services and skills are in demand, which means that we need more qualified employees. We offer a good working environment and good development opportunities. Please submit your application! 

SMHI maintains status reports at on ongoing recruitment projects, including details of when interviews are called and when a vacancy has been filled. If you have been given an interview but not offered a job, you will receive verbal feedback once we have reached a decision on employment. SMHI does not return application documents. They are retained for two years and then discarded.

Professor in Climatology at SMHI

Reference no.: ref 2304

Closing date: 2018-01-15

Published: Last updated:

Climate modeler,

Reference no.: ref 2169

Closing date: 2017-12-31

Published: Last updated:

Researcher in data assimilation, ref. no. 1719

Reference no.: ref 1719

Closing date: 2017-10-20

Interviews in progress: 2017-12-01

Published: Last updated:

Climate researcher, ref. no. 960

Reference no.: ref 960

Closing date: 2017-05-26

Selection of candidates ongoing: 2017-05-29

Published: Last updated:

Radar Expert at the SMHI Research Department ref. no. 168

Reference no.: ref 168

Closing date: 2017-02-19

Published: Last updated: