Professor in Climatology at SMHI

From 2017 SMHI has been given the possibility to appoint four professors, one in each of the fields: meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and climatology. SMHI has decided to start by opening the position as professor in climatology for applications.

SMHI carries out research in several areas of relevance for climate where a professor can further strengthen the research activities. This concerns for example observation methods and remote sensing, knowledge about the climate system and its variability, climate and earth system modelling and effects of climate change on nature and society. SMHI also do research on climate adaptation and renewable energy and their dependence on climate/weather.

Subject description

The position as professor in climatology at SMHI has a broad description towards understanding of the variability of the climate system, processes governing climate and how these can be represented in climate and earth system models.

Different directions of research are possible within this broad description. For example focus can be on:

  • Climate variability, trends, extremes and climate analysis
  • Climate predictability
  • Cloud and precipitation processes
  • Radiation processes
  • Climate forcing gases and aerosols and their interaction in the atmosphere
  • Processes linked to exchange of energy and moisture between atmosphere, land and water (including sea ice)
  • Biogeochemical processes in the ocean, atmosphere and on land including the carbon cycle.

Applicants should write a research plan proposing the direction/s for the research that the professor will undertake. Previous own research in one or more of the areas listed above is a merit. Research on/experience with regard to climate adaption is a merit (can be included in the research plan).

Work description

The work includes research and supervision of research at different levels within the research field of the position. The work also includes scientific direction and development of the research environment at SMHI, research administration and active participation in internal and external activities at the research department. A professor is responsible for initiating and leading internal, national and international research projects and for securing external funding.

Qualification criteria

Applicants should have scientific and pedagogic skills in fields of relevance for the subject description and the tasks that are included in the work description.

Criteria for scientific and pedagogic skills:

  • The scientific skills should be at a level where the applicant is internationally renowned in the scientific field for the position
  • Scientific skills should be proven by individual research beyond the level of what is required for an associate professor (docent) in the Swedish system both regarding quality and quantity
  • Scientific publications of the applicant should be recent, of high quality and published in international journals
  • Applicants should have documented experience of initiating, building up, leading and carrying out research based on own research grants obtained in national and/or international competition
  • Pedagogic skills should be proven through tuition of high quality on research level and on basic and/or advanced level at university, higher education or other professional environment. Skills in pedagogic communication of research results is of great importance
  • Applicants should document experience in supervision (e.g. of graduate students and post doctors) and should normally have been main supervisor of at least one doctoral student to completion of the doctoral degree

Great emphasis is also given to:

  • Documented experience of research within the subject description of the position
  • The scientific quality and relevance of the research plan in relation to the position (see “Subject description” above and “Application” below)
  • Documented experience in multi-disciplinary research
  • Documented ability to build national and international research networks
  • Documented experience of interaction with society within the field of the subject description and experience of communicating research and development work
  • Skills in leadership; ability to collaborate; proactiveness and independence; knowledge about equality issues including gender

A high level proficiency in English is required both in spoken and written form. You should also be willing and able to learn Swedish at a working language level within one year of starting the position in order to be able communicate with relevant actors in Sweden and to be able to carry out other duties within the position.

Assessment criteria

In the appointment process, specific attention will be given to research skills. Thereafter attention will be given pedagogical skills. Some attention will be given to administrative skills, skills in developing and leading research and personnel as well as skills in interaction with society and communicating research and development work.

The assessment of research skills will focus primarily on merits within the subject area of the position.

The position is permanent at our office in Norrköping, Sweden


If you want to know more, please contact head of the research department Joakim Langner. You can also contact personnel officer Karin Lien Aspeqvist. Union representatives for SACO is Lennart Robertson and for ST, Anders Höglund. They can all be reached on phone +4611-495 8000 or via email:


Please submit your application marked with reference number 2304 latest January 15th 2018, by email to or by post to SMHI, SE-601 76 Norrköping.

Attach to the application scientific publications and other scientific work that you want to refer to. Books and more extensive publications that are not available in digital form should be sent by regular mail in four copies in four identical parcels.

The application should contain:

  • CV
  • List of publications and an account of main achievements that you think are relevant for the position
  • Publications/other scientific work that you want to refer to (maximum ten items)
  • A research plan that describes the research that you want to carry out within the position and its policy relevance (maximum two pages)
  • Other documents that you want to refer to

SMHI welcomes all qualified applicants regardless of gender, disability, sexual orientation, religious belief or ethnicity. SMHI informs continuously about the recruitment status on

Recruitment status

Reference no.: ref 2304

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