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Rossby Centre's Scenario Data

All data, including metadata, made available by SMHI at this web page, is public and free of use. Intellectual Property Rights including but not limited to the legal protection of data bases in the Item and associated data, are retained by SMHI in his own right or on behalf of the right-holder. Articles, papers, or written scientific works of any form, based in whole or in part on data supplied by SMHI, shall contain an acknowledgment concerning the supplied data. The user agrees to use the following acknowledgement in any publication, scientific report or paper arising from use of the data:

©SMHI. Erik Kjellström, Ulf Hansson, Colin Jones, Grigory, Nikulin, Gustav Strandberg and Anders Ullerstig:
Changes in the wintertime temperature climate as deduced from an
ensemble of regional climate change simulations for Europe
Rossby Centre Newsletter, May 2009, s. 9-15.

SMHI warrants that the information contained in the data bases has been checked for quality stipulated by the demands of SMHI’s own production. However, neither the information in the data bases nor in the item may be totally accurate e.g. series not complete or due to occasional technical malfunction. SMHI does not warrant that the data is suitable for use on the user’s equipment and accepts no liability for the results of any use of the data. SMHI shall not be liable for failure in delivery of the data due to circumstances outside control of SMHI which could not have been foreseen or avoided.