Relative error (discharge)

The figures show the relative error of water discharge (m3/s) for E-Hype 2.1

Relative eror for discharge in E-HYPE in %.

The relative error shows the ability of the model to reproduce the total volume of discharge over a long time period at each observation station. The model manages to simulate 75 % of the catchments to within 25 % of the correct volume and 32 % of the catchments to within 10 % of the correct volume. This is a positive result given the wide variety of climatological, physiographic, anthropogenic and catchment scale conditions representd across the model and given the limitations of continental and global scale input databases. The systematic underestimation of discharge in Northern Europe is due to underestimation of precipitation in the precipitation forcing data set, while the overestimation on the Iberian peninsula is due to underestimation of anthropogenic extractions.

Diagram describing the relative error for E-HYPE.