General information

Information about the Model:

HYPE application version: E-HYPE_version_2_1_0
HYPE application region: Europe
HYPE version: HYPE_version_4_1_0
Simulation start date: 1980-01-01
WHIST version: E-HYPE_2011_1

HYPE (HYdrological Predictions for the Environment) is a distributed daily hydrological model for simulating the flows of water and substances from precipitation, through the ground, into streams and lakes, all the way to river outlets. A river catchment is divided into subbasins and each subbasin further into classes depending on landcover, soil-type and elevation. See this page on the SMHI web site for more information about the HYPE model.

E-HYPE 2.1 is an application of the HYPE model for the entire European continent whereby hydrological flows and nutrient processes are calculated daily for each class within a subasin. Calculations are made in subbasins with a median size of 215 km2. The results delivered for each subbasin in E-HypeWeb are discharge (Q, m3/s) and monthly total loads of Nitrogen (TN, kg/month) and phosphorous (TP, kg/month) (including the contributions of discharge and nutrients from all subbasins upstream of the chosen subbasin). For information about the accuracy of the results (validation against observations) please see our model documentation page. Accuracy is improved considerably for subbasins 7000 km2 or more in upstream area as this is the resolution of the input forcing data.

Improvements made since the earlier version (E-HYPE v1.0) include improved subbasin delineation, a new irrigation routine, discharge curves for the largest lakes and reservoir regulation routines for about 800 lakes and dams. The new model has also been calibrated and validated. E-HYPE v2.1 is used for making simulations of historical flows and nutrients (hindcast, available on E-HYPEweb), forecasts of flows and nutrients to European Seas, climate scenario modeling and is currently being tested for seasonal and decadal forecasting.