World Data Systems antar nya datadelningsprinciper

Som ledande internationell tvärvetenskaplig organisation som verkar för pålitliga datatjänster, har World Data Systems antagit datadelningsprinciper för att stödja sitt mål. Principerna förverkligar andan av “öppen vetenskap”, avsedd att förena spridda kretsar av dataproducenter och dataanvändare. De kan därför antas av alla som forskar för allmänhetens bästa.


Datadelningsprinciperna finns tillgängliga på ICSU-WDS webbplats, och återges här i originalutförande:

  • Data, metadata, products, and information should be fully and openly shared, subject to national or international jurisdictional laws and policies, including respecting appropriate extant restrictions, and in accordance with international standards of ethical research conduct. 
  • Data, metadata, products, and information produced for research, education, and public-domain use will be made available with minimum time delay and free of charge, or for no more than the cost of dissemination, which may be waived for lower-income user communities to support equity in access. 
  • All who produce, share, and use data and metadata are stewards of those data, and have responsibility for ensuring that the authenticity, quality, and integrity of the data are preserved, and respect for the data source is maintained by ensuring privacy where appropriate, and encouraging appropriate citation of the dataset and original work and acknowledgement of the data repository. 
  • Data should be labelled ‘sensitive’ or ‘restricted’ only with appropriate justification and following clearly defined protocols, and should in any event be made available for use on the least restrictive basis possible.