The research in the field of oceanography is focusing on development of models and applications of satellite remote sensing, taking into account the needs of the institute, other governmental agencies and county administrative boards.

Co-operation with other research groups on a national as well as an international level is frequently taking place. The objective is to produce and use knowledge on processes, parameterisations and forcing functions, applicable in forecast, diagnostic and climate models as well as in analysis procedures for remote sensing imagery.

The research in the field of oceanography covers a range of topics including: 

- development of short-range ocean weather forecasts in the Baltic and the North Sea,
- development of short-range wave forecasts,
- climate modelling,
- physical-bio-geo-chemical model development in coastal seas, and
- marine remote sensing.


R&D Oceanography
Research & development
  Main fields of research:
Ocean forecasting
Environmental oceanography
Sea ice
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Updated 2003-09-17