SLCP: Dokument och länkar

Rapport från CCAC högnivåmöte i New York den 22 september 2014.pdf (275 kB, pdf)

CCAC Briefing (331 kB, pdf)

UN Climate Summit 2014

SAP 2013 Annual Science Update (Executive Summary) (205 kB, pdf)

CCAC - Scientific advisory panel briefing - SLCP in AR5 - WG I - Apr 2014 (482 kB, pdf)

CCAC Annual Initiative Progress Report 2012-2013 (1,2 MB, pdf)

Video Outlaws in Air City

Status of black carbon monitoring in ambient air in Europe (EEA Dec 2013)

Using Pay-for-Performance Mechanisms to Finance Methane Abatement, The World Bank & UNPD (2013)

CCAC High Level Assembly Communique (281 kB, pdf)

CCAC Press release 3 September 2013 (39 kB, pdf)

Bounding the role of black carbon in the climate system: A scientific assessment, JGR 2013

Svarta sotpartiklar ett ljus i klimatmörkret, Miljöforskning 2013

Sotpartiklar (BC) beräknas bidra mest till den globala uppvärmningen efter koldioxid, Nature 2013

CCAC faktablad om påbörjade initiativ

Primer on Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, (IGSD) 2012.

Science to policy: Reducing short-lived greenhouse gases. IIASA artikel om CCAC 2012

Report to Congress on Black Carbon, US EPA 2012

Reducing Black Carbon Emissions in South Asia: Low Cost Opportunities, US EPA 2012

Health effects of black carbon, WHO 2012

Brick Kilns Performance Assessment: A Roadmap for Cleaner Brick Production in India

Black-carbon reduction of snow albedo: Nature Climate Change

The greenhouse-gas gang: Nature Climate Change

Short-lived climate forcers from current shipping and petroleum activities in the Arctic

Pollutants key to climate fix: Nature, News and Comment

Simultaneously Mitigating Near-Term Climate Change and Improving Human Health and Food Security