NORDKLIM is a co-operation between the Nordic Meteorological Services within climate activities.

NORDKLIM is under the umbrella NORDMET with a steering committee, NORDMET steering committee (NOSC)

Main ambition:

1). Strengthening of the Nordic climate competence and climate services for coping with increased national and international competition.
This will be accomplished by:
* Consolidating and formalising the established Nordic NMS forum for exchange of ideas, experiences, methods, tools etc. within climate related matters.

2). Improving the cost-efficiency of the Nordic meteorological services.
This will be accomplished by:
* Sharing of costs for development of new platforms (methods/systems) for operational climate production.
* Developing more cost-efficient observational systems for meeting climatological needs.
* Improving procedures for standardized quality control.
* More rational production of standard climate statistics.

3). Coordinating joint Nordic activities on climate analyses and studies on long-term climate variations.
This will be accomplished by:
* Encouraging and initiating Nordic and EC-funded research projects within climatology.
* Coording joint Nordic climate analysis within activities given high priority at the national
Nordic climate services.

NORDKLIM is today divided into three separately projects, one concern climate observations,
one gridded climate information and the last project climate change impacts an adaptation.
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