Vetenskapliga artiklar 1992

Förteckning vetenskapliga artiklar publicerade under 1992.

Alexandersson, H., & Dahlström, B. (1992)
Future climate in the Nordic region - survey and synthesis for the next century.
SMHI RMK no 64, Norrköping, Sweden, 46 pp.

Andersson, T. (1992)
A method for estimating the wind profile and vertical speed of targets from a single doppler radar.
Instruments and Observing Methods, Report No. 49.
Papers presented at the WMO Technical Conference on Instruments and Methods of Observation, (TECO-92), Vienna, Austria, 11-15 May, 1992, 380-386. Also in: Polarfront, No. 69, Oct., 1991, 25-30.

Andersson, T. (1992)
Image mosaics from Swedish weather radars.
International Weather Radar Networking.
Final Seminar of the COST Project 73.
Ed. C.G. Collier, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 139-142.

Andersson, T., & Andersson, B. (1992)
Radar rain forecasts for sewage systems.
2nd Int. Symp. Appl. Weather Radar, Univ. Hamburg, 7-10 Sep. 1992, Paper N 1.

Andersson, T., & Ivarsson, K.-I. (1992)
Nowcasting of rain with radar.
International Weather Radar Networking.
Final Seminar of the COST Project 73.
Ed. C.G. Collier, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 217-222.

Andersson, T., & Lindgren, B. (1992)
A sea-breeze front seen by radar.
Meteor. Mag., 121, 239-240.

Andersson, T., & Mattison, I. (1992)
A field test of thermometer screens.
WMO Technical Conference on Instruments and Methods of Observation (TECO-92), Vienna, Austria, 11-15 May, 1992.
Instruments and Observing Methods, Report No. 49, 436-440.

Andersson, L., Håkansson, B., Lundqvist, J.-E., Omstedt, A., Rahm, L.-A., Sjöberg, B., & Svensson, J. (1992)
Vattnet i väster och vattnet i öster.
(The water in west and east. In Swedish) Swedish National Atlas. Editor: B. Sjöberg. Sveriges Nationalatlas Förlag. Hav och kust, 56-72.

Bergström, S., Harlin, J., & Lindström, G. (1992)
Spillway design floods in Sweden.
I: New guidelines.
Hydrological Sciences Journal, 37, 5, 505-519.

Bergström, S. (1992)
The HBV model after twenty years.
Contribution to the Nordic Hydrological Conference in Alta, Norway.

Bergström, S., & Lindström, G. (1992)
Recharge and discharge areas in hydrological modelling - a new model approach.
Vannet i Norden nr 3, 1992.

Bergström, S. (1992)
Evapotranspiration and the HBV and PULSE models.
In: Climate Change and Evapotranspiration Modelling
(eds. Tallaksen and Anker Hassel) NHP Report No 31, Oslo.

Bergström, S. (1992)
The HBV model - its structure and applications.
SMHI Reports RH, No. 4, Norrköping

Bringfelt, B. (1992)
Test av modell för torrdeposition av försurande ämnen mot krondroppsmätningar.
Slutrapport för anslag från SNVs forskningsnämnd.

SMHI, FoU-notiser nr 65, maj 1992.
Carlsson, B. (1992)
Fresh-water runoff to the Baltic Sea from surrounding land areas.
(In Swedish with English abstract) Nordic Hydrological Conference, Alta, 1992. Nordisk Hydrologisk Program NHP-rapport Nr 30.

Elmgren, R., Jansson, B.-O., & Omstedt, A. (1992)
Marine research and limnology. Evaluation of Estonian research in natural sciences.
Report to the Estonian Science Fund Council by the Swedish Natural Science Research Council, Box 6711, SE-113 87 Stockholm, Sweden, 99-124.

Engqvist, A., & Omstedt, A. (1992)
Water exchange and density structure in a multi-basin estuary. Continental Shelf Research, Vol. 12, No. 9, 1003-1026.
Galloway, J.N., Penner, J.E., Atherton, C.S., Prospero, J.M., Rodhe, H., Langner, J., et al. (1992)
Sulfur and nitrogen levels in the North Atlantic Ocean's Atmosphere: A synthesis of field and modeling results.
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 6, No. 2 (1992), 77–100.

Gidhagen, L., & Håkansson, B. (1992)
A model of the deep water flow into the Baltic Sea.
Tellus, 44 A, 414-424.

Gustafsson, N. (1992)
Use of a digital filter a weak constraint in variational data assimilation.
Proceedings from the ECMWF Workshop on Variational Data Assimilation, with Special Emphasis on Three-dimensional Aspects.
ECMWF, Reading, UK, 9-12 November 1992.
Harlin, J., Lindström, G., Sundby, M., & Brandesten, C.O. (1992) Känslighetsanalys av Flödeskommitténs riktlinjer för dimensionering av hel älv.
(Sensitivity analysis of the Swedish guidelines for design flood determination for a whole river basin, in Swedish)
SMHI Hydrology, Report No. 38.

Johansson, B. (1992)
Typområdenas hydrologi - Kan små områden användas för att bestämma karaktäristiska modellparametrar?
Nordisk Ekspertmöte, Karresbaeksminde Feriecenter, Syd-Sjaelland,
21–23 okt. 1991. NHP-rapport nr 29.

Johansson, B. (1992)
Vattenföringsberäkningar i recipientkontrollpunkter - en utvärdering av PULS-modellen.
Vatten 48, 2, 111-116.

Josefsson, W. (1992)
Measurements of total ozone 1991.
PMK-rapport, SNV, Solna, 91-620-4093-6, 1992/10.

Josefsson, W. (1992)
Focused sun observations using a brewer ozone spectrophotometer.
J. Geoph. Res., Vol. 97, No. D14, pp. 15, 813 - 15, 817, Oct 20.

Josefsson, W. (1992)
Use of interpolated cloudiness from gridded meso-b analysis,
In: techniques for supplementing solar radiation network data,
Ed. Zelenka, A., Final Report of International Energy Agency Solar and Heating Program, Task 9, subtask 9D, IEA, Paris, France, pp. 147-165

Karlsson, K.-G. (1992)
Diabatic initialization of a numerical weather prediction model by using diagnosed precipitation rates from multispectral analysis of AVHRR data.
Proc. of AMS Sixth Conference on Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography, Atlanta, United States, 510 Jan. 1992, American Meteorological Society, 4 pages.

Karlsson, K.-G. (1992)
AVHRR-derived cloudiness and precipitation in operational weather forecasting and in model studies.
Proc. of International Space Year conference, Munich, Germany, 30 March-4 April, 1992, 6 pages.

Langner, J., Persson, C., & Robertson, L. (1992)
The Chernobyl accident: A case study of dispersion of 137Cs using high resolution meteorological data.
SMHI, Rapport till Nordisk Kärnsäkerhetsforskning (NKS)

Langner, J., Rodhe, H., Crutzen, P.J., & Zimmermann, P. (1992)
Anthropogenic influence on the distribution of tropospheric sulphate aerosol.
Letters to Nature, Nature, Vol. 359.

Lindström, G. (1992)
Floods in Sweden - occurence and trends.
Nordic Hydrological Conference in Alta, Norway, August 46, 1992. NHP Report No. 30, 65-74.

Lindström, G., & Harlin, J. (1992)
Spillway design floods in Sweden. II: Application and sensitivity analysis.
Hydrological Sciences Journal, 37, 5, 521- 539.

Lindström, G., & Bergström, S. (1992)
Improving the HBV and PULSE models by use of temperature anomalies.
Vannet i Norden, Vol. 25, No. 1, 16-23.

Lindström, G., Harlin, J., & Bergström, S. (1992)
New guidelines for evaluation of extreme floods in Sweden.
Contribution to the ICOLD international symposium on dams and extreme floods, Granada, Spain, 16 September, 1992, Topic A, Design, 16-25.

Lindström, G., & Rodhe, A. (1992)
Transit Verdana of water in soil lysimeters from modeling of oxygen-18.
Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, 65, 83-100.
Norstedt, U., Brandesten, C.-O., Bergström, S., Harlin, J., & Lindström, G. (1992)
Re-evaluation of hydrological dam safety in Sweden.
International Water Power & Dam Construction, June 1992.

Omstedt, A., & Svensson, U. (1992)
On the melt rate of drifting ice heated from below.
Cold Regions Science and Technology, 21, 91-100

Omstedt, A., & Wettlaufer, J.S. (1992)
Ice growth and oceanic heat flux: Models and measurements.
J. Geoph. Res., Vol. 97, No. C 6, 9383-9390.

Persson, C., Langner, J., & Robertson, L. (1992)
Öresund med eller utan bro. Spridningsmeteorologiska beräkningar för olika alternativ, regionala beräkningar.
SMHI, Meteorologi, onumrerad.

Robertson, L., & Persson, C. (1992)
Attemtps to apply four-dimensional data assimilation of radiological data using the adjoint technique.
Proceedings to Third International Workshop on Decision-Making Support for Offsite Emergency Management. Commission of the European Communities, DG XII.D.3 - Radiation Protection Research Programme.

Rodhe, H., & Langner, J. (1992)
Atmospheric concentrations of DMS and its oxidation products estimated in a global 3-D model.
In: Proceedings of International Symposium on Dimethylsulphide; Oceans, Atmosphere and Climate, Belgirate, Italy. Ed.: G. Restelli. Kluwer Academic Publiskas, Dordrecht.

Sandén, P. (1992)
A simple soil temperature model.
Nordic Hydrological Conference, Alta, Norway, 4-6 August, 1992, NHP Report No. 30, 296–301.

Sandén, P., Gardelin, M., & Espeby, B. (1992)
Vertically distributed soil moisture simulations.
Nordic Hydrological Conference, Alta, Norway, 4-6 August, 1992. NHP Report No. 30, 251–264.

Sandén, P., & Rahm, L. (1992)
Nutrient trends in the Baltic Sea.
Environmetrics, 4, 75-103.

Sandén, P., & Warfvinge, P. (eds.) (1992)
Modelling groundwater response to acidification.
SMHI Reports Hydrology No. 5, pp 202.

Thompson, T., Ulander, L., Håkansson, B., Brusmark, B., Carlström, A., Gustavsson, A., Cronström, E., & Feast, O. (1992)
BEERS-92 – Baltic experiment for ERS-1. Experiment plan.
Final edition. SMHI Oceanography (O) No. 50.

Wittgren H.B., & Hasselgren K. (1992)
Naturliga system för avloppsrening och resursutnyttjande i tempererat klimat.
VAV / VA-FORSK Rapport 1992-15. Svenska Vatten- och Avloppsverksföreningen, Stockholm.