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The new co-developed hydrological service SMHI Aqua is now available online for support on decision-making for water supply

SMHI Aqua is a new user-friendly web-based service for drinking water producers and water resource managers, which enables decision support for a sustainable water supply.

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Research places the unusual Swedish summer of 2018 in a climate perspective

Climate researchers from SMHI’s Rossby Centre, Stockholm University and Max Planck Institute for Meteorology have studied the probability of another summer resembling the extremely warm Swedish summer of 2018. They confirm, from a historical perspective, this was a very unusual summer. Ongoing …

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Research into how the climate is being affected by the pandemic

The locking down of societies as a result of the ongoing corona pandemic has led to a reduction in global emissions of carbon dioxide during 2020. Governments are using both short-term emergency packages and more long-term restart packages in order to stimulate socio-economic development. …

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Urban environment design reduces local heat islands

A study examining heat in urban environments has shown that good physical planning reduces the urban heat island effect, making it easier to deal with heatwaves. Knowledge from research on heat in cities from the Hazard Support project has now been compiled at

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Research provides new knowledge for local climate adaptation measures

A changed climate with more extreme weather involves a heightened risk of natural hazards if society is not prepared for the new conditions. How do municipalities and other stakeholders use new research in their planning? SMHI and SEI have examined how research can be designed to meet users’ needs.

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